Justice Speaks

Prince, Yeates & Geldzahler – Thank you

For over 40 years Prince, Yeates & Geldzahler has delivered effective, innovative representation to valued clients, nationally and internationally. They have also received Best of State for four years.  This innovative firm has supported “And Justice For All” in a variety of ways through contributions, event participation, and other community initiatives. In addition to the many great things they do throughout the community, Ted Cundick serves on the Leadership Committee of “And Justice For All” and is an example of how truly dedicated Prince, Yeates & Geldzahler are to the mission of “And Justice For All.”   Visit them here : https://www.princeyeates.com/

Strindberg and Scholnick – A true community partner

Strindberg and Scholnick has been a leader in employment and labor legal services to both Utah employees and employers. While Strindberg & Scholnick continue to excel even making the U.S. News & World Report 2017 Best Law firms list, it is also a firm dedicated to giving back to the local community. Strindberg and Scholnick continues to show its dedication to helping provide for legal needs through its support of “And Justice For All.” Lauren Scholnick, who spends over 100 hours on pro-bono cases a year in Utah, also shows her support to for justice by serving on the “And Justice For All” Leadership Committee. Jonathan Thorne an attorney at Strindberg and Scholnick serves as a board member on the Emerging  Legal Leaders proving once again  their continued dedication to the mission  “And Justice For All.”   Visit them Here: http://www.utahjobjustice.com/  

Kirton McConkie – Thank you

Kirton McConkie supports a wide range of Utah charitable organizations and is especially dedicated to the work of “And Justice For All.” Through Kirton McConkie’s continued support  to “And Justice For All” they continue to show their dedication to the Utah community. “And Justice For All” has been supported by Kirton McConkie through generous contributions, event engagement, and participation in leadership roles. Vice President and Shareholder Cameron M. Hancock and accomplished shareholder Brian Burnett are both exceptional examples of Kirton McConkie’s dedication to the mission of “And Justice For All.” Visit Them Here: http://www.kmclaw.com/

Thank you – Traskbritt

Since 1973, Traskbritt has provided intellectual property legal services to corporations, universities, individuals, and research organizations. Traskbritt has also made a considerable impact on the community, especially through its support and belief in the work of “And Justice For All.” Traskbritt continues to support the mission of “And Justice For All” through attendance of events, contributes to community committees, and continued financial contributions. Thank you to Traskbritt for your continued belief in the mission of “And Justice For All.” Visit Them Here: http://www.traskbritt.com/  

Thank you Snell & Wilmer

Snell & Wilmer has been a firm since 1934 mainly practicing in Arizona but has also had an incredible impact on the Utah legal community since expanding to Salt Lake City in 1990. For almost 30 years Snell & Wilmer has provided a wide variety of legal services ranging from healthcare to bankruptcy. Snell and Wilmer has not only provided pro-bono legal services for poverty, civil rights, and public rights, as well as to charitable organization but has been a dedicated supporter of the work done by “And Justice For All.” Snell & Wilmer continue to support “And Justice For All” through contributions, participation in events, and in other community engagement opportunities. An example of Snell & Wilmer’s dedication to the mission of “And Justice For All” is Matthew L. Lalli, who serves on the “And Justice For All” Leadership Committee. Visit Them Here: https://www.swlaw.com/