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LoveUTGiveUT Letter #8: Mary Kay Griffin

admin : March 19, 2014 8:29 pm : Blog
Mary Kay Griffin – CPA                              “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” does important work in Utah! In Utah too, far too many people are unable to get legal help to address their civil legal problems.  Even critical problems like escaping physical abuse; avoiding homelessness; access to education, healthcare and disability benefits;  protecting income, assets, and even the right to see one’s child in contentious domestic cases. Utah’s legal community has made tremendous strides over the last decade in narrowing the gap in access to justice. The Courts have implemented several new programs to help pro se litigants. The Utah State Bar has developed statewide pro bono and modest means programs. “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” is a collaborative effort of Utah’s civil legal aid providers to increase resources and achieve operation efficiencies that has helped more than double the number of people who receive legal aid each year. Having a unique perspective as a non-attorney Utah State Bar Commissioner, it is truly impressive what Utah has accomplished. But we still have far to go to ensure the fairness and equality that our country promises. Access to justice is not just a problem for the legal community to solve; the promise of justice will only be possible when the entire community steps up to make it a priority. Please join me today and make Utah a more just place by supporting “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” through LOVE UTAH GIVE UTAH. Mary Kay Griffin  

LoveUTGiveUT Letter #7: Peggy Hunt

admin : March 19, 2014 8:25 pm : Blog
PEGGY HUNT Partner, Dorsey & Whitney LLP “Every lawyer has a professional responsibility to provide legal services to those unable to pay.”  This opening clause of Rule 6.1 of the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct is based on the premise that the legitimacy and effectiveness of our legal system is severely compromised if only those of means can access justice.  As stewards of the system, lawyers should aspire to 50 hours of pro bono work, which may include making financial contributions to agencies providing free legal services to persons of limited means.  In Utah, we are fortunate that “And Justice For All” through its affiliated agencies has consistently and capably provided civil legal services to those in need — 90% of monies raised actually go to programs that assist all of us in meeting our ethical responsibilities as lawyers.  Please join me in supporting “And Justice For All” – through our collective generosity we not only improve our legal system and our profession, but we also tangibly improve the lives of others — something that always feels right, rule or no rule. Peggy Hunt Chair, “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” Leadership Committee  

LoveUTGiveUT Justice Endorsement: Jim Gilson

admin : March 19, 2014 8:23 pm : Blog
Jim Gilson President, Utah State Bar All American citizens have a right to access the courts, which is one of the most important civic rights guaranteed by the Constitution.   Unfortunately, this right may be hollow for those who do not know how to access the legal system or who cannot afford an attorney.   The “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” campaign literally helps make this vital civic right a reality for those who most need the protection and service of the courts.   The Utah Bar strongly supports “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” and encourages everyone to participate in its fundraising efforts. James D. Gilson    

LoveUTGiveUT Letter #5: Angelina Tsu

admin : March 19, 2014 8:20 pm : Blog
Angelina Tsu Zions Bancorporation Sitting next to Sara Call,* you would never guess that she has a past. She is kind, brilliant and beautiful; a successful businesswoman and nationally acclaimed artist currently exhibiting in nine galleries across the country. If you’d told me she had spent two years on the run while being stalked, terrorized and threated, I wouldn’t believe you. If you’d told me that her stalker ex-boyfriend was serving a term in prison after ordering a hit on her from a prison phone (fyi, prison phone lines are recorded), I wouldn’t believe you.  But it’s all true. I sat by Sara at the 2013 Legal Aid Gala. And I can tell you that she is an incredible person. I support “And Justice for All” because it supports programs like Legal Aid Society and makes a difference in the lives of real people; people like Sara and thousands of others who received assistance from Utah’s legal aid programs in 2013.  “And Justice for All” does incredible work. I encourage you to give generously to this great cause.  

LoveUTGiveUT Letter #4: Amy Sorensen

admin : March 19, 2014 8:17 pm : Blog
Amy Sorensen  Local Attorney “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” is the resource-sharing and fund-raising umbrella organization supporting Utah’s civil legal aid programs. I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” through my service on the Board of Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake for many years now, and it never ceases to amaze me what Legal Aid and its sister organizations, Utah Legal Services and Disability Law Center, are able to achieve with such limited funds. By coordinating services and sharing resources through “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL,” these organizations are able to minimize costs and help many more people through the court system who otherwise would have nowhere to turn.  For example, for as little as $12.50, an indigent person is able to get legal help through one of the “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” legal clinics.  For about $250, a victim of domestic violence will have full representation – a lawyer to protect them and their family members who are in danger – in court to help them obtain a protective order.  I have seen, for years now, just how far my donations and support go. Won’t you join me in making a gift through today’s LOVE UTAH GIVE UTAH day of giving? No gift is too small to make a big difference.  Thank you!  

LoveUTGiveUT Letter #3: Scott Sabey

admin : March 19, 2014 8:11 pm : Blog
Scott Sabey Attorney, Fabian Law Everyone has an innate sense of justice, and nothing creates a greater sense of frustration or a greater likelihood of violence than justice denied.  Business will not come and cannot thrive without stability, and society cannot grow without fairness.  Justice is the grease of the economic engine, and without justice for all there cannot be true freedom for any.  The Access to Justice program makes the donated dollar go further by several ways.  First, the program helps to reduce duplicative service.  It then helps to redirect that ‘surplus’ service in one area into a different area where there is a dearth of services, maximizing the dollar’s value.  “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” is wonderful at gathering Pro Bono support, and in stretching those dollars even further thru donated efforts they solicit.  It is a great service and deserves your support… It takes a heart of gold to run a program like, “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” – which I don’t have.  While I lack the purely altruistic nature of people like Kai Wilson, Stewart Ralphs and Anne Milne, I can ease my conscience – and meaningfully give, by supporting them in the work that they do.  I have had the opportunity to work with them, and the passion and caring they exhibit is heartwarming.  I cannot think of a better way to contribute, or a better group to support, than these guys.  I hope that you too will step up and help.  

LoveUTGiveUT Letter #2: Thomas W. Seiler

admin : March 19, 2014 8:06 pm : Blog
Thomas W. Seiler Partner, ROBINSON, SEILER & ANDERSON, LC The law is the scaffolding which is used to build society. In our society access to the law and therefore, access to justice, means access to lawyers. In our country, historically, lawyers have been the leaders, the social innovators and the champions of justice. “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” provides that access to lawyers and thus, access to justice for those most in need. Often, the Disability Law Center, Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake and Utah Legal Services, the three founding partners of “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL,” are the primary providers of access to justice for those great members of society who are without substantial financial resources. These are the people, our brothers and sisters in society, of whom President John F. Kennedy spoke when he said, “If a free society cannot help the men who are poor, they cannot save the few who are rich.” Without the commitment of our time, and the commitment of our financial resources, justice will be apportioned only to the wealthy. Our society’s promise, American’s promise, will not be kept without access to justice. “If we are to keep our democracy, there must be one commandment: Thou shalt not ration justice.” The Honorable Leonard Hand, February 16, 1951. I urge you to act now so that our society can keep this commandment. Please donate to the “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” Campaign. Thomas W. Seiler

LoveUTGiveUT Letter #1: Gil A Miller

admin : March 19, 2014 8:02 pm : Blog
Gil A Miller, CPA CFE CIRA Rocky Mountain Advisory, LLC Access to justice is one of the most fundamental rights we treasure in this country.  While many of us cannot actually provide the legal services so desperately needed by those in the grasp of poverty, we can serve others by supporting “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” and its affiliated legal aid organizations.  As Marion Wright Edelman put it, “Service is the rent we pay for living. It is not something to do in your spare time; it is the very purpose of life.” What better service can we each render than to aid those truly in need of equal justice under the law.  Justice Lewis Powell declared that this equal justice was not merely a caption to hang on a courtroom wall, but the most inspiring ideal of our society.  When we ponder that ideal, if even for a moment, it is nearly impossible to not do one’s part in making it a reality.  Please join me in supporting “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL,” and together we can render to our community this invaluable service—“the very purpose of life.”  

From the ED

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In 2013, we have celebrated the anniversary of several important events, all of which have changed our nation profoundly by increasing equality and access to justice for all Americans. President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation turned 150, Martin Luther, Jr. delivered his I Have a Dream speech and the United State’s Supreme Court ruled in Gideon vs. Wainwright 50 years ago.

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