Justice Speaks

Thank you to Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar

Since its founding in 1997, Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar (MCBB) have provided the Utah community with excellent legal support through a variety of ligation areas. Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar have been incredibly supportive of “And Justice For All” and helping fulfill our mission through contributions, community engagement, event participation as well as allowing us to access their expertise if needed. MCBB engages with “And Justice for All” through a myriad of capacities; they include serving on our Emerging Legal Leaders Board, Law Day Run Committee with Brent V. Manning serving on the Leadership Committee.   Visit them here: http://www.mc2b.com/  

Parr, Brown, Gee, and Loveless – A dedicated community partner

Parr, Brown, Gee & Loveless has served the Utah community through a variety of legal services. Not only is it an excellent firm with 32 attorneys named as Legal Elite in 2017, but it also truly lives up to its statement that it is a law firm “founded on the importance of people” by faithfully supporting “And Justice For All.” This innovative firm has supported “And Justice For All” in a variety of ways through contributions, event participation, and other community initiatives. Notably, Daniel E. Barnett serves as the chair of the Leadership Committee of “And Justice For All” and an example of how truly dedicated Parr, Brown, Gee, and Loveless are to the mission of “And Justice For All.” Visit them here: https://parrbrown.com/  

Thank you….Ray Quinney & Nebeker

    Ray Quinney & Nebeker has been a steadfast supporter of AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Ray Quinney & Nebeker has had representation on our Leadership Committee for the Annual Firm Campaign since its inception. Not only have they been a strong force on the Leadership Committee, Ira Rubinfeld previously chaired the Annual Campaign. Other members have included Jan Smith and Lisa Yerkovich. Kim Blackburn, Marketing Coordinator, has been a Law Day Run Recruiter for many years and currently serves with colleagues Kevin Glade and Rich Madsen on the Law Day Run Committee. AND JUSTICE FOR ALL is extremely grateful to the firm and its staff for supporting access to justice for all.

Thank you…Parsons, Behle & Latimer

For over 130 years Parsons Behle & Latimer has been serving the Utah community, with expertise in all areas of laws. This pioneering firm is one of the founding partners to “And Justice for All.” Through their continued contributions, event participation, community initiatives as well as board and committee engagements they have supported the mission of “And Justice for All” in all capacities. Hal J. Pos, Parsons’ Vice-Chairman and Shareholder, has served on the Leadership Committee for over 17 years. Juliette Palmer White serves on the Board of Directors, James Lee, Ray Etcheverry as well as Michael Young, are just a few other examples of how Parsons Behle & Latimer is a true community partner invested in the mission of “And Justice for All.” Visit them here: http://www.parsonsbehle.com/

Thank you Richards Brandt Miller & Nelson

We would like to express our appreciation to Richards Brandt Miller & Nelson (RBMN) for their ongoing support and contributions to And Justice For All over the years. The RBMN law firm has served our area for more than 30 years. The attorneys of RBMN provide top-notch legal representation in a variety of areas of practice. RBMN’s support reflects the firm’s commitment to a society where justice is accessible to all. Thank you for your ongoing support RBMN- AJFA is so grateful for community partners such as you.   Check them out here: http://www.rbmn.com/