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Prevent Domestic Violence this October

October is a month used to increase awareness and decrease domestic violence across the nation. Nationally, each year women experience 4.8 million intimate partner related physical assaults and rapes. In Utah, there is approximately one intimate partner homicide every 22 days (Utah Government Services). However, the above statistics don’t illustrate the severity of this problem. According to, “The Justice Gap” about 75% of domestic violence cases in Utah are not reported to authorities and victims are left to suffer in silence. It is estimated one in every three Utah women will experience some form of domestic violence in her lifetime. “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” partner agencies, Utah Legal Services (ULS) and Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake (LAS) strive to help those who are suffering receive the protection they so desperately need and deserve through protective orders. In a recent national study, protective orders have been found to be the most effective way to put a stop to domestic violence, more than sheltering or counseling services. However, while most of the victims of domestic violence are female, one in four men will also experience violence. Utah Legal Services (ULS) helps many young men, like Shyam, fight for this deserved protection; here is Shyam’s story: Shyam was an immigrant from India who had been dealing with ongoing physical abuse from his estranged wife and her father for over a year. The abuse did not stop at these two individuals but often involved his wife’s friends as well. One of these attacks preformed by her friend was so brutal that it landed Shyam in the hospital, and eventually reduced him to living in his car with the constant fear for his life. Regardless of the attackers consistent threats that if he involved police he would become involved with immigration issues, Shyam decided that it was time to stand up for the protection that he deserved. Shyam filed for protective orders against his estranged wife and her father but the court did not grant either of these orders. Regardless of his wife’s’ confession of abuse they found that Shyam’s father-in-law was not a […]

PRESS RELEASE: “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” Announces Full-Time Legal Fellowship Serving Summit County

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Park City, Utah (September 23, 2015) “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” (AJFA), the Utah nonprofit uniting the state’s primary providers of civil legal aid – Disability Law Center, Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake, and Utah Legal Services – is very pleased to announce that it has secured $10,000 in  funding for Park City’s first full-time legal fellow dedicated to providing free civil legal aid to the poor and victims of domestic violence in Park City. AJFA’s Legal Fellowship Program was launched to simultaneously address two very pressing issues in Utah. First, it helps to address the ‘Justice Gap,’ in which a majority (80%) of low-income Utahns do not have access to an attorney when they most need one, though 67.5% of them will experience a civil legal dispute in any given year.  Second, too many young lawyers are un-or under-employed and need professional legal experience to jump-start their careers. Under supervision of a seasoned Utah Legal Services attorney, the Park City Fellow will not only manage the entire protective order calendar for domestic violence victims, but will also work to bolster relationships with Summit County attorneys to promote greater pro-bono involvement and conduct outreach to promote greater awareness about the legal resources available to Summit County low-income populations. A recent national think tank found representation by an attorney in protective order cases to be the best way to prevent domestic violence, while also saving states millions in the process.  In addition to domestic violence issues, it is anticipated that the Fellow will provide free legal services in other legal areas as well, including landlord tenant disputes and immigration issues. The AJFA Park City Fellowship is possible through the generous collaborative effort of the Park City Bar Association, Park City Foundation, Nutraceutical Corporation, the Park City Rotary Foundation and the law firm of Wrona Gordon & DuBois.  The Law Firm of Dodd & Kuendig has generously donated the in-kind desk space to house the Fellow. Scott DuBois, an AJFA Leadership Committee Member and member of the Board of Directors for the Park City Bar Association, helped lead the fundraising effort.  Mr. DuBois […]