Community Legal Center

The Community Legal Center is a project of  “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL,” an alliance of nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing free, civil legal aid to Utah’s poor, elderly, disabled, and ethnic minorities.

The Community Legal Center houses Utah’s primary providers of free, civil legal aid: Disability Law Center, Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake and Utah Legal Services. It is located at 205 North 400 West with easy access to public transportation. It is the first collaboration of its kind in the nation among civil legal service providers.

Co-location of civil legal service agencies in a single facility offers a number of important benefits:

  • Economies of Scale 
    Co-location allows partner agencies to make more efficient use of existing resources through the sharing of reception, computer systems, phone systems, meeting spaces, reference materials, libraries, accounting and payroll, fund-raising, and administrative functions. Savings of over $500,000 per year have allowed agencies to serve more needy individuals without increasing budgets.
  • Legacy of Stability 
    Co-locating operations in a joint facility allows partner agencies to stabilize facility costs at around 40% percent of market rental rates. Shared staff, phone systems, and telecommunications services create even greater savings.
  • Single Location/Multiple Services 
    Many clients have multiple needs and many have a difficult time distinguishing between the functions of the various partner agencies. Co-location facilitates interagency referrals while reducing client confusion and frustration.
  • Enhanced Opportunities for Volunteerism 
    Volunteers are an important source of civil legal assistance for needy individuals. However, none of the participating agencies previously had sufficient personnel or space to operate a comprehensive volunteer program. Co-location allows agencies to integrate volunteer recruitment and training activities while providing workstations and conference areas for client meetings.