Why you should follow Astros’ Dexter Fowler on Twitter

December 22, 2013, 10:00 am


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If you don’t already follow Dexter Fowler on Twitter, hopefully this will encourage you to do so.

Fowler, an outfielder acquired from the Colorado Rockies earlier this month, is trying to raise money for AND JUSTICE FOR ALL (AJFA) and to help expand civil legal aid across Utah where he and his wife, Aliya, live during the offseason. As you can see below, his campaign started Friday and runs until Christmas.

#FollowFriday @DexFowler Tweets

Fowler feels blessed and realizes there are a lot of people, such as battered women, homeless veterans and seniors without retirement, who need legal assistance as they seek justice for whatever their situation may be. It’s a unique cause supported by Fowler.

“I’ve always been a firm believer that legal aid should be available to everyone and especially to the less fortunate,” Fowler said. “I’ve seen what happens when people are victims and feel like they have no options.  When I heard about And Justice for All, I knew it’d be a great cause.”

Dexter AJFA tweet about video

AJFA tweet #DexterFowler Knocks One Out of the Park for Justice


Making a difference is important to the Fowlers, and Dexter says he’s a big fan of finding smaller organizations with a record for transparency.

“I’ve been involved with many organizations but really focused on Save Our Youth, LEAD, and now also the Road Home and a lot of homeless shelters,” Fowler said. “My wife and I, last year, started our own charitable initiative called Leadoff Leaders where we recognize leaders in the community who are helping those in need.”

The Fowlers will fit right in with the Astros since it’s also important to them to get involved in the community, and he and his wife are already looking for ways they can give back to Houston as well.

“That’s actually one of the first things we’ve been looking into since joining the Astros,” Fowler said. “I think it’s such a key aspect of being an athlete and giving back to the people who support you.”



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