Jason is a deaf young man who spent his childhood moving from foster home to foster home hoping for an adoptive family.

After living with 12 different foster families, Jason found the Smith family. Over time, the Smith’s grew to love Jason and wanted to adopt him. Because Jason was over age 18 at the time, they did not know if this was possible and worried that the expense might be too great for them to proceed.

The Smith family came to a Utah Legal Services (ULS) pro se clinic and were delighted to learn that the ULS attorneys could help them at no cost. The attorney, a foster parent himself, had the paperwork for just such a case readily available. He provided advice, helped the Smiths fill out the paperwork and directed them where to file.

The Smith’s went ahead with plans to make Jason a permanent part of their family. The adoption was finalized, and Jason finally has what he has always dreamed of – a family to call his own.

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