Legal Fellowship Program

AJFA Legal Fellow Program

“AND JUSTICE FOR ALL,” the Utah nonprofit uniting the state’s primary providers of civil legal aid – Disability Law Center, Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake, and Utah Legal Services – under one resource-sharing umbrella, is establishing a Legal Fellowship program. The program provides opportunities for unemployed new lawyers to gain significant legal experience in family, disability, and/or housing law (as well as other substantive legal practice areas) while enjoying the personal satisfaction of increasing access to justice for Utahns who are unable to afford an attorney. The Fellowship employs attorneys full-time for a 6-month period, and may be renewable for an additional six months depending on project status and funding.

The AJFA Fellowship Program is a response to a dual crisis in the law:  the majority of low-income Utahns have no access to a lawyer and too many young lawyers are un- or under-employed and need professional legal experience to jump-start their careers.  A recent Atlantic Monthly study reports only 56% of class of 2012 law graduates had stable, full-time work in law nine months after graduating.  At the same time, over 80% of very poor Utahns who need help resolving their civil legal problems can’t afford a lawyer.

Thus, the AJFA Fellowship allows young lawyers to obtain professional experience and provides young legal talent to select nonprofit organizations facing great demands and insufficient resources.  Fellowships are available for employment with Utah Legal Services, Disability Law Center and Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake.

AJFA Fellows receive:

  • Dynamic opportunities to develop and utilize their skills in the public interest sector providing legal expertise for populations desperately needing representation
  • Training and experience working on important substantive legal issues
  • Access to bi-monthly professional development workshops on topical issues
  • A monthly stipend of $1,000 for six months and an additional $4,000 grant upon completion of the six-month Fellowship
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Student loan deferment

Applications for employment, questions about the program and donations towards the fellowship can be addressed to: Kseniya Kniazeva  / Development Director / “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” / 205 North 400 West / Salt Lake City, Utah 84103 / / (801) 924-3182.

Fellowship Openings