Justice Rising Breakfast

Justice Was Served!

WOW! You did this! On May 31st, 575 of you attended the Justice Rising Breakfast to help us reach our goal and secure our challenge grants. As a result of your generosity, we raised $333,598, a new record for the breakfast. Thank you to all our amazing supporters including our sponsors, challenge grantors, table captains, and donors. A very special thank you to Chief Justice Christine Durham for being our key note speaker.


In honor of Kai Wilson’s retirement

Florence J. Gillmor Foundation

Jane & Tami Marquardt’s Peace & Possibility Foundation

Thomas K. & Mary Schubach McCarthey
Utah State Bar Family Law Section
Dominion Questar

Denise Dragoo & Craig Anderson
George Speciale
George Sutton, Suzan Pixton & Sam Sutton

Gary Sackett
Linda Smith
Utah Bar Foundation

David Bailey ▪ Dan & Sheila Barnett ▪ Deborah Bayle ▪ Colleen Larkin Bell ▪  Jody & Dion Burnett ▪ Dennis Ferguson & Charlotte Miller ▪ Keri Gardner ▪  Peter & Paula Green Johnson ▪ Kayle Hardy ▪ Karl & Jean Hendrickson ▪ Bonnie Hooper ▪ Peggy & Bob Hunt ▪  Brent Manning ▪ Gil Miller ▪ Anne Milne & Dave Eckersley ▪ James McConkie ▪ Fraser Nelson ▪ Jon & Kim Paulding ▪ Stewart Ralphs ▪ Ira Rubinfeld ▪ Rick Rappaport ▪ Alan & Gayle Sullivan ▪ Joanna Sagers ▪ Kaylene Simmons ▪ Greg Williams ▪  Rodney G. & Barbara Snow ▪ Kelly & Jason Striefel ▪ Adina Zahradnikova


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