Welcome Justice into the New Year — and the 21st Century! 

On December 3rd, 2013 we held a #GivingTuesday campaign. Yet what started out as a fundraising effort turned into the sweetest way to engage with our community. Read some of the below #Unselfies to see why.

Help us welcome Justice into the New Year!

For the first few days of this month, we’ve been able to ask what justice means to the average person, and have gotten a wide variety of inspiring responses.

Now it’s YOUR turn to tell us what justice means to you (and please back up your desire for justice with a monetary donation so we can help more people in need).

The spirit of #GivingTuesday has been extended to an end-of-year / beginning-of-2014

Matching Donors

The following four generous donors have been willing to match every dollar donated from now until January 15th, and are donating $5 for every #JusticeUnselfie posted until then.

Nanci Snow Bockelie – Bockelie Law Office

Matthew Boyce – Beyond AV

Scott DuBois – Wrona Gordon & DuBois

Justice occurs only in places where people are willing to speak up, and speak out. So please donate from now until January 15th as your dollar will be matched, post your #JusticeUnselfies (click here to learn how) as $5 per #unselfie will be donated to “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” by the above generous donors, and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.

As you know, we cannot rely on the same community of donors to keep “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” afloat year after year. We must encourage a new — and younger — generation of individuals both within and outside the legal community to ‘catch’ the justice bug. And to do that, we’ve joined 21st century and have begun to engage with the online community. We need your help to build momentum.

Keep us in mind this holiday season. And welcome us to the 21st century world by following our posts, liking our pages, posting your #JusticeUnselfies on our facebook pages and tagging them with our Twitter handle, forwarding this info to your friends and donating.

The Importance of Social Sharing

We quote from Jonathan Waddingham of ‘Nine Reasons’

  • Everyone wants more donors, for sure. But donors who share are even more valuable. One in five donations shares results in another donation and one in ten shares results in another share.

If interested, see original text of e-newsletter publicizing the #JusticeCampaign here.