LoveUTGiveUT Letter #1: Gil A Miller

Gil Miller

Gil A Miller, CPA CFE CIRA
Rocky Mountain Advisory, LLC

Access to justice is one of the most fundamental rights we treasure in this country.  While many of us cannot actually provide the legal services so desperately needed by those in the grasp of poverty, we can serve others by supporting “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” and its affiliated legal aid organizations.  As Marion Wright Edelman put it, “Service is the rent we pay for living. It is not something to do in your spare time; it is the very purpose of life.”

What better service can we each render than to aid those truly in need of equal justice under the law.  Justice Lewis Powell declared that this equal justice was not merely a caption to hang on a courtroom wall, but the most inspiring ideal of our society.  When we ponder that ideal, if even for a moment, it is nearly impossible to not do one’s part in making it a reality.  Please join me in supporting “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL,” and together we can render to our community this invaluable service—“the very purpose of life.”


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