Justice Success Stories

“Anna” came to Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake to represent her in a divorce case after fleeing her abusive husband and moving to Utah with their 2 year old son. Anna’s husband “Jake” followed her to Utah and harassed her about the divorce and custody. While Anna was in the hospital for the birth of their second son, Jake took their 2 year old and refused to give him back. Anna had to call the police the day after being released from the hospital with her new-born son in order to get her 2 year old son back from Jake. Even after that incident, Jake continued to harass Anna and, in an attempt to control her, he frequently threatened to leave her in financial ruin and take the two children and move to another country so she would never see them again. Anna’s Legal Aid attorney was able to negotiate a final settlement which gave Anna sole physical and legal custody of her two sons as well as financial support in the form of child support and alimony to help her move on and live free and independently with her children here in Utah.