PRESS RELEASE: SROI Study Finds $1 Donated to AJFA Results in $7.27 in Community Benefit

“AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” (AJFA), Utah’s resource-sharing and –raising umbrella organization uniting the state’s primary civil legal aid agencies – the Disability Law Center, Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake and Utah Legal Services – has commissioned a Social Return on Investment study. The study found that for every dollar invested in AJFA, there is a $7.27 return on investment in community benefit.

SROI is an approach to measure and understand the financial impact of social service programs. While utilizing the logic of cost/benefit analysis, it is different in that it measures the comparable value of services for results which cannot be easily measured. Overall, an SROI provides a basis for funding and investment decisions, a device for communicating financial impact and results to stakeholders, and a methodology for comparative evaluation of an organization’s long-term effectiveness.

Community Services Analysis LLC has completed the SROI analysis research projects for the three legal aid provider organizations in the state of that receive funding from “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.” The agency has found that by providing services in 14,321 legal cases (with an additional 18,830 Utahns served through legal clinics, referrals and brief consultations) during the fiscal year 2012/2013, these three legal aid operations  contracted a total net value of community benefits of $44,767,630 (after subtracting negative long-term factors). The total investment was only $6,155,792, meaning the Social Return on Investment for these legal aid operations was 727%.

The study found that the Social Return on Investment for AJFA is significantly higher than values for many other types of social service organizations. The report attributes the high values of investment to the significant future cost savings found through legal services. Some of these savings include long-term savings on children’s medication and other supports, savings on costs for emergency housing and reductions in community support and services costs resulting from emergency abuse situations, significant increases in property values, economic benefit resulting from continued employment, and income from Social Security and/or Disability benefits that were previously denied, terminated, or reduced.

For more information about the SROI study please contact Kseniya Kniazeva at 801.924.3182 or

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