Thank you, Dolowitz Hunnicutt!

We would like to recognize Sandy Dolowitz, Jim Hunnicutt and the other attorneys at their firm Dolowitz Hunnicutt PLLC for their generosity in supporting the “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” 2015 Annual Firm Campaign.

The firm has supported AJFA’s annual campaign since 2013. However, Sandy Dolowitz has generously supported our access to justice initiatives since 1999, and has donated hundreds of pro bono hours since he took his first pro bono case with Utah Legal Services in 2003. Of the seven cases — three divorce, an adult guardianship, a protective order, a qualified domestic relations order and a parentage case – his longest took three years to complete. Sandy has a long history of giving back to support legal services, appointed as Director of Salt Lake County Legal Services in 1970, serving for five years until it expanded, based on a plan he prepared, to become Utah Legal Services.

Sandy’s strong commitment to service is emulated by firm members. Partner Jim Hunnicutt recently joined the AJFA Leadership Committee, committing his time to providing vulnerable Utahns with their most basic needs – safety, security, health, education and accessibility – through the gift of law.  Michelle Kennedy, a recent addition to the firm, has also volunteered many hours on the “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” Secret Lives of Lawyers Silent Auction Committee, Tuesday Night Bar, the Emerging Legal Leaders, and currently has a domestic case with the Utah Legal Services Domestic Lawyers Academy. Shane Marx regularly volunteers at Rainbow Law Clinic, and Brandy Curtis has checked yes for the Bar’s pro bono initiative. We are so thankful for the wonderful attorneys at Dolowitz Hunnicutt for their commitment to access to justice for all.

Jim Hunnicutt says:

“It seems fairly well understood that people accused of a crime have a constitutional right to legal counsel, to help protect their rights to liberty against the most powerful of forces, the government, which seeks to put them in prison for alleged crimes. However, there is no constitutional right to counsel for people going through civil lawsuits, which are separate from criminal lawsuits. Even though civil lawsuits don’t carry with them the ominous threat of incarceration, civil lawsuits impact people’s lives in incredibly dramatic ways: untold amounts of monetary damages, child custody and parent-time, civil rights, access to government benefits, inheritance, etc., the list goes on without end. While corporations and many individuals can afford lawyers to defend their rights in civil cases, many people simply cannot afford private lawyers even though critical issues are at stake. It is vitally important that everyone from all walks of life have access to legal advice and representation in civil matters.

One of the great values associated with “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” is that it provides a critical avenue for the less fortunate to obtain legal assistance. I’m very proud to be associated with “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”, and encourage everyone to donate generously to it.”

The firm recently accepted a pro bono case obtaining a common law marriage, divorce and division of property for a former Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake client we highlighted in our 2014 annual client video. (You can see the video here.) Kristine Ramsey was in a 25-year abusive co-habitating relationship, and the physical and emotional abuse only escalated after she was diagnosed with stage-4 melanoma. Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake was able to obtain a protective order to keep her safe from her abuser in 2014, however, because her other legal needs required more in-depth representation, her case was referred to the Pro Bono Commission, and fortunately picked up by Dolowitz Hunnicutt.

After her first meeting with Sandy, Kristine said:

“I was just going to walk away after [our house was sold] and let go and move forward with my life. Now I meet this attorney and I feel numb with confidence and see nothing but a happy outcome. This man is amazing, he makes you feel like you’re worth it, not like I’m only worth how much I can afford. And when you can’t afford anything that makes you feel like you aren’t worth anything. And I am worth it, and if I don’t get [the division of the properties we owned together], at least I know I’m worth fighting for… I’m so excited and so exhausted. My cheeks hurt from smiling and my eyes burn from crying happy grateful emotional tears…. Thank you. Thank you.”

We celebrate Dolowitz Hunnicutt for their generosity and altruism towards the most vulnerable among us. Thank you for all you do for the Kristine Ramseys of the world.

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