Give Voice

Justice occurs only in places where people are willing to speak up, and speak out. Engaging in a conversation about justice with “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” — by commenting on our blog posts, posting #unselfies on our Facebook page, and tweeting comments to us — and thus thinking about justice as we go about your daily lives will strengthen our ability to help people that need it most…at a time in their lives where they have no place else to turn.  The concern we cultivate here, as a Justice Community, will impact how we treat the least among us off-line. Pretty soon, our altruism will ripple out to those around us until the world smiles down a little more brightly on the poor, the weak and the marginalized. And most likely then–in that world that we CAN create–their legal problems won’t even exist.

But it all starts with your voice.

Write a Letter to the Editor

Beyond discussing Justice online, engage and educate the broader Utah community by submitting a letter to the editor or a guest op-ed about the Justice Gap in Utah and the civil legal needs of vulnerable people in your community.

Submit a Bar Journal Article

Law Student? Attorney who likes to see his/her name in print? Or just plain fired up about justice?

Write a 3000 word (or fewer) article about a particular tenant of justice, or the gaps in access to civil legal aid and submit it for publication to the Utah Bar Journal. You can get more information about submission guidelines here.