Access to justice is a fundamental right.

“and Justice for all” is committed to providing free and low cost legal services to Utah’s most vulnerable citizens – people living in poverty, individuals with disabilities, veterans, seniors, minorities and victims of domestic violence.

Last year we helped

24,225 individuals gain access to these essential legal services

Protecting Children & Families from Abuse

Securing the immediate and long-term safety of families by obtaining protective orders and civil stalking injunctions through the courts.

Family Law

Stabilizing low-income families in crisis through assistance with domestic cases including divorce, custody, child support and visitation.

Disability Issues

Enforcing the laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities in education, abuse and neglect, accessibility, discrimination and access to service cases.

Meeting Basic Needs

Securing and protecting access to housing, food and utility assistance.

Protecting Vulnerable Adults & Children

Representing vulnerable citizens including low-income seniors over 60 years of age with guardianship defense, medical benefits, housing, and consumer matters.

Preserving Income & Health Care

Helping vulnerable individuals obtain and maintain primary sources of income and health care like Medicaid, Social Security and SSI.

Native American Issues

Assisting those with legal matters before the tribal courts.

Promoting Independence

Assisting people with education and employment matters, including access to vocational rehabilitation services.

Client Stories


Mary and her sons are safe and secure after turning to the Legal Aid Society for help.

Mary was 22 years old, 6 months pregnant, and had a 2-year-old son. Her husband had been keeping her isolated in their apartment for 3 years. He would not let her drive, have a cell phone, or go to prenatal checkups. He even

With the help of Utah Legal Services, Kristine and ...

Kristine, a single-mother diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and her young daughter diagnosed with neurofibromatosis

Staci asked, “Why should I be treated any ...

Staci Christensen, a woman with Down syndrome, was one of two plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit filed by The

Utah Legal Services helped Camila get the benefits ...

Camila, a farm worker legally working in the U.S., had a stroke as the result of a work accident. The stroke left her

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The team is getting ready to move into our new facility, the James B. Lee Justice Center. Legally trained and certified professionals are required to provide civil legal services to our most vulnerable populations.

This room in our new home is an example of the collaborative spaces that were designed with our staff in mind. Each year "and Justice for all" saves approximately $500,000 in annual savings in rent, utilities, and other shared costs from co-locating. These efficiencies that make it possible to serve more people across the state.

AFJA’s new home, the James B. Lee Justice Center, provides new and better ways for our partners to serve the community statewide.

In the post-pandemic legal services landscape, the facility will allow us to provide better online services to rural communities and other hard to reach groups.

Demonstrate your commitment to providing justice to underserved communities with your financial support.

For 23 years "and Justice for all" has been recognized as an award-winning legal collaboration. Utahns assisted through AJFA’s programs last year included 4,272 victims of domestic violence and 13,198 family law matters.

Learn how you can support AJFA's innovative collaboration and make it possible to serve more people.

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