Access to justice is a fundamental right.

“and Justice for all” is committed to providing free and low cost legal services to Utah’s most vulnerable citizens – domestic violence victims, people living in poverty, individuals with disabilities, seniors, and other marginalized groups.

Every year we help

28,000+ Utahns gain access to these essential legal services

Protecting Children & Families from Abuse

Securing the immediate and long-term safety of families by obtaining protective orders and civil stalking injunctions through the courts.

Family Law

Stabilizing low-income families in crisis through assistance with domestic cases including divorce, custody, child support and visitation.

Disability Issues

Enforcing the laws that protect the rights of people with disabilities in education, abuse and neglect, accessibility, discrimination and access to service cases.

Meeting Basic Needs

Securing and protecting access to housing, food and utility assistance.

Protecting Vulnerable Adults & Children

Representing vulnerable citizens including low-income seniors over 60 years of age with guardianship defense, medical benefits, housing, and consumer matters.

Preserving Income & Health Care

Helping vulnerable individuals obtain and maintain primary sources of income and health care like Medicaid, Social Security and SSI.

Native American Issues

Assisting those with legal matters before the tribal courts.

Promoting Independence

Assisting people with education and employment matters, including access to vocational rehabilitation services.

Client Stories

AJFA-Carmen (1688 × 1125 px)

AJFA Grant partner, Holy Cross Ministries, saves the lives of Carmen and her daughter

Carmen* and her two daughters moved to a domestic violence shelter after she suffered injuries resulting from a horrendous beating by her spouse. Not only was Carmen suffering from domestic abuse perpetrated by her husband, she was
Portrait of a happy Hispnaic woman smiling.

Jennifer escapes a violent relationship with an ...

Jennifer* and her boyfriend had been dating on and off for 6 months, during which she suffered from horrible domestic
Close up portrait of a healthy older woman smiling outside

Kate gets the help she needs to get away from a ...

When Kate applied to Legal Aid Society, she was facing a controlling spouse whose attorney was bombarding her with

Mary and her sons are safe and secure after ...

Mary was 22 years old, 6 months pregnant, and had a 2-year-old son. Her husband had been keeping her isolated in their

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