James B. Lee Justice Center Campaign

James B. Lee Justice Center

In 2022, “and Justice for all” found we needed to look for a new home. We subsequently bought a beautiful brick and double barreled-roof building at 960 South Main Street and launched the “Next Generation of Justice Capital Campaign” to retrofit and provide furnishings, equipment, and technology infrastructure. 

With a generous donation, the Florence J. Gillmor Foundation chose to name the new center after James B. Lee and the lobby after Florence J. Gillmor. A partner at Parsons Behle & Latimer, Mr. Lee was one of three original founders of Utah Legal Services, served on the Board of Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake, was instrumental in creating and sustaining “and Justice for all” and has been an example of service throughout his stellar legal career. Ms. Gillmor was a lifelong supporter of Utah’s disadvantaged and her estate has a long history of generously supporting AJFA’s civil legal programs.

We were excited to hold our grand opening in June 2023. Thank you to all our amazing donors for their support and love.

Responsible Stewardship

The remodel will keep the historical charm but incorporate environmentally sound solutions to save money, reduce energy and water usage and fulfill our commitment to a greener space.

More Accessible & Safe

The building is accessible for clients and staff with disabilities and close to the courthouse and public transportation. Seismic upgrades make the building safer in the event of another earthquake.

Designed for a post-pandemic world

The newly designed space, along with technology upgrades, will allow our staff to better participate in increasingly online client intake and hearings and serve clients from more geographic areas in less time.

Thank you to our donors

Florence J. Gillmor Foundation
Peace and Possibility Project
Latter-day Saint Charities
America First Credit Union
Utah State Legislature
Utah State Bar
George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
Anonymous Gift
Parsons Behle & Latimer
Utah State Bar Family Law Section
David and Janet Deisley
Kanter Family Foundation
Utah Civil Rights and Liberties Foundation
Wheels of Justice
Gary Sackett and Toni Marie Sutliff
Ira Rubinfeld and Willamarie Huelskamp
Utah Bar Foundation
Anne Milne and Dave Eckersley
In Honor of Disability Law Center Employees
Evelyn Brown Lee
Dominion Energy
Jaye and Eric Olafson
Gary Doctorman and Karen Fjeldsted
George Speciale
Stewart P. Ralphs
Jody and Dione Burnett
Carlie Christensen and Herman Post
George Sutton and Suzan Pixton
Dentons Durham Jones Pinegar
“and Justice for all”” Board of Trustees
In Honor of Disability Law Center Employees
Meg Averett
Lois and Stephen Baar
Daniel and Sheila Barnett
Margy Batson
Alexa and John Baxter
Tom and Lydia Berggren
Toby Brown
Grzegorz Bulaj
Kit and Betsy Burton
H. Dickson and Maria Burton
Simón and Jackie Cantarero
Christian E. Chidester
Erik A. Christiansen and Christina M. Jepson
Jenniffer and Phillip Clark
Bert and Dorothy Dart
Sandy and Anne Dolowitz
Randy and Kathy Dryer
Staci Duke
Raymond J. and Kathryn Etcheverry
Leslie and John Francis
Karl and Jean Hendrickson
Blair Hodson and Amy Sorenson
Jim Hunnicutt and Brandi Curtis
Peggy and Bob Hunt
Kirton & McConkie
Leta Family Philanthropic Fund
Sally Buck McMinimee
Tracy Mills and Liz Hruby
Fraser Nelson
Lauren Scholnick and Steve Cook
The Sullivan Family: Alan, Gayle, Tim, Erin, Patrick and Catherine
Samuel P. Sutton
Linda F. Smith and Lee K. Shuster
Sharon Peacock McCully
Rebecca Long Okura
First Utah Bank
Barbara Ray
Snell & Wilmer
Snow Jensen & Reece
Brooke C. Wells
Juliette P. White and Jon C. Owen
Fran Wikstrom and Linda Jones
Elizabeth A. Wright and Anthony C. Kaye
Dee M. Wilson
Adina Zahradnikova and Ivan Zahradnik
Shawn C. and Charlotte J. Ferrin
Lightspark Foundation
Gil and Mary Ann Miller
George Haley
Pat Winmill
Trina Higgins
Kellie Williams
Stephen and Sandy Morgan
eBay Pro Bono Committee
Jonathan Buss
Dominic Albo Jr.
Paul Saphren
Tony Milner and Matthew Barraza
Ceri Jones
Karen and Larry Wiley