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Message from the 2019 Chair

Dear Friends,

Thank you. Your support of “and Justice for all” has helped – and still helps – thousands of people get critical legal services they would otherwise have to do without. I am happy to give you this update on the remarkable work being done by the “and Justice for all” partnership.

The volume of services provide is amazing: the “and Justice for all” partnership assisted 28,505 Utahns last year, including 4,027 victims of domestic violence. In fact, the “and Justice for all” partnership was involved in over 12,000 family law matters in 2019.

Perhaps more amazing is just how much work the “and Justice for all” partnership does with the resources available to it: $1.00 of Utah tax money results in $9.08 of social return. As a result, the legal aid family law programs alone provide $1,146,816 in annual cost savings to Utah’s court system.

These numbers provide some welcome good news. And, as looking behind the numbers, we see the real cause to celebrate and support the “and Justice for all” partnership. Because of these programs’ services, families are able to stay in their homes and get access to medical care, people escaped domestic abuse, Utahns with disabilities were able to get the needed support to have a fair chance at employment and educational opportunities, and we could go on.

Cory Talbot

So again, thank you. Thank you for your generosity and willingness to support those in need through the “and Justice for all” partnership. With your continued support “and Justice for all” will remain at the forefront of helping those most in need.

Cory Talbot Signature

Cory Talbot, Chairman (2019-2020)
AJFA Firm Leadership Committee
Holland & Hart

2019 Annual Report

The annual report contains “and Justice for All” achievements, financial reports, donor lists, and more.

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